The enduring style legacy of David Lynch’s Wild at Heart


After it makes it mark on the NYFW runways, we explore how Lynch’s road movie is his most stylish.

What David Lynch’s Wild At Heart has is style, man. From the opening scene where Sailor (in a monochrome blazer) and Lula (wearing a coral dress with choker and Ariana Grande hair) cut through the samey crowds, the lovesick duo dish out lewk after lewk all while thwarting the clutches of Lula’s disapproving mum Marietta. Wild At Heart is a road movie. It’s about a Bonnie & Clyde twosome with a few screws loose and their larking about to elude the hitmen sent after them. More than the illogical non-sequiturs and legit barking by some characters, the film is Lynch’s perfect marriage of weird characters and weirder threads. Much like the passionate screams of Lula Fortune in that first of many gruesome murders on the stairs of the opening gala, Wild At Heart has an enduring style that rings loud and true long after you watch it. It’s without a doubt David Lynch’s most stylish film.

Recently, designers have tapped into that retina-searing style for their own collections. New York designer Joseph Altuzarra cited Wild at Heart as one of the main touch points of his SS17 collection, saying the collection was “a modern take on romance and kitsch.” He interpreted Sailor’s snakeskin jacket with the python coat one of his models wore – the same one that spawned the unforgettable Nic Cage line: “Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?” Many of the girls in the show were facsimiles of Lula Fortune.


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