Propaganda Noire



0.1 is the first chapter of Propaganda Noire. A statement of research, experimentation and concept of the brand, developed in different directions by the designers. The study is taken from the illustrations of Juan Valverde de Amusco Juan inspired by the book “De Humani Corporis Fabrica” by Andreas Vesalius.
Valverde 42 tables underline the attention given at that time to anatomy, the detailed representation of the internal components, always accompanied by illustrations or figures moving in statuesque poses, as if to present with grace the complexity that belongs to us. Starting from here, the concept of the brand focuses on the structural part of the body: the skeleton. Starting from the skeleton we have decided to focous on the ribs and the spine. The work done by the designers, tries to recreate the chosen parts of the body, by including them in their positions or by switching them through draperies, folding, overlapping and scaling of the fabric. The study in recreating the ribs ends up in recreating the visible projections drawn on our body. Thanks to the blocked draping from the inside the fabric creates side edges, as if it was placed on the chest. Regarding the spine we have made a more complex study, in trying to reprouduce it we have made slightly draperies and we have created visible cut only through movement and extension. The concept of reversity comes from ‘insignificant external function of the garment if the internal parts of the body do not come out to take part.



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